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About the Defining Paths Movement

The Defining Paths Movement spreads the life transforming message of loving from the inside-out and advances individual empowerment in search of the true you through its online community and clusters known as #TheLoveClub clusters.

DPM’s objective is to help subscribers discover and unleash their individuality by focusing on the personal journey, redefining and setting personal measures of success, and orchestrating plans of action for growth and development through divergent thinking.

Defining Paths and its growing network of coaches advances this world-wide movement rooted in love for self and humanity through community, organizational,and business clusters.Join the network. Join the movement!


Want to feel the love? Do something about it. Join the Defining Paths Movement! Connect with others, define your path, and Love the Skin YOU’RE In!

“Find your willpower, find your strength.”

“Be a chain breaker and difference-maker!”

Author’s Praise

See what Dr. LeBlanc’s peers are saying about Love the Skin YOU’RE In

Bold and powerful auto-biography shrouded in life experiences, lessons learned, and keys to success on how to Love the Skin YOU’RE In!

Rodolfo Menjivar, Author of Life Balance

Dr. LeBlanc holds little back in taking us on an awe inspiring and colorful life journey down her divergent paths to success

Reena Dayal, Author of The Brilliance Quotient

If you are seeking the definitive guide to help you discover your individuality, despite the white noise of our constraining society, you will love, Love the Skin YOU’RE In.

Brian South, Author of Demystifying College Admission: It's Your Choice

Love the Skin YOU’RE In shows the reader how to conquer life by crushing old beliefs and accepting new ones allowing you to become invaluable in your personal and professional life. Break free from all societal norms and learn how to be true to yourself. Follow Dr. LeBlanc as she takes you on a journey using her own life experiences showing you the way to finding your own personal success! This book is a MUST READ!

Kathy Tuccaro, Author of Dream Big!

Brilliant! Love the Skin YOU’RE In is one of the most revealing, refreshing, and honest reads that I have had the fortune to come across in some time.

Jamie Bacon, Author of The Perfect Storm

Who are you...really? Most people are so busy being what's expected of them, they fail to ever discover who they really are. In her book, Love the Skin YOU’RE In, Dr. LeBlanc offers a pathway to freedom by introducing you to divergent thinking. True peace with one's self can never be achieved by allowing others to dictate who you are. Do yourself a favor and read this book. Your journey to discovering you will begin as soon as you do.

K. Sylvester White, Author of Say It Loud! I'm Black and I'm Proud? Really?

Dr. LeBlanc shares her riveting and engaging personal journey to success in Love the Skin YOU’RE In, while giving poignant guidance on How to conquer Life through Divergent Thinking. This book is a must read!

Giovana Vega, Author of Trading for Success